About Us

We have nurtured many long-lasting business relationships and have several clients that have entrusted us with the management of their business and financial affairs for decades. Client relationships have been established with performing groups from their first local tour or recording contract through to their release of multi-platinum albums and worldwide tours. In addition to our clients located throughout the U.S., we also have clients based in Europe and Australia that are either touring in or have established a business presence in the US and turn to us to support their U.S. activities and interests. We also provide annual tax planning and preparation services for individuals and businesses


MARCIA HYMAN, the President and Founder of EBBS, is an Enrolled Agent and has been providing accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services to entertainers, individuals and small businesses for over 20 years. In 1990 Marcia teamed up with a former colleague to found OSB Business Services in NYC. Marcia and her business partner shared a love of the arts, and in particular of music. They recognized that the careers of many talented and creative folks could be furthered with the financial order they could bring to their lives and the business acumen that they could provide. Building their initial client list from local acts and friends, OSB quickly blossomed into a thriving business and their client list continued to grow, predominantly through referrals from satisfied clients.

Despite Marcia’s self-ascribed status as a die-hard New Yorker, she was persuaded to pick up her life and her work and move clear across the country to the San Francisco Bay area. Marcia re-established herself and her new company as East Bay Business Services. She and her team have continued to provide the same outstanding services to her existing and new clients throughout the US, Europe and Australia since 2002.